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Compositions for instruments and electronics

Left, Writer, Leftist, Rightester, Leftesterest

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written 2013
instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, tenor sax, hrn, tpt, tbn, tba, 2 perc, 2 MIDI keyboards, db

Left, Writer, Leftist, Rightester, Leftesterest is constructed from a simple melodic pattern, only five notes long, that is superimposed on itself at various transpositions. Microtonal deviations are added to embellish the main group of notes. This describes the pitch process for almost the entire piece. Because of the relatively simple nature of the melodic material the listener's attention is likely more drawn to the orchestration variations. A large part of the timbral interest of the piece is due to the percussionist and MIDI keyboardist acting as a group. The MIDI keyboard triggers synthesis that sometimes mimics the percussionist, sometimes provides additional microtonal variations to the pitched instruments, and sometimes creates entirely different sounds.

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