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instrument building / sound art


installation dates: January 13-18, 2018. Bread & Salt, San Diego.
materials: wood, motors, microphone, paper mache

Sound installation.
Bread and Salt, San Diego, January 13, 2018

Translationer interprets one simple action into a variety of smaller, more complicated reactions.

It passes sonic information from physical movement, to audible sound, to digital information, over again and again through a series of objects organized by scale, large to small.

One piece of string spans the entire length of the room - 200 ft and back. It's turned back-and-forth by a motor. The motion of the string is decided on randomly within a set of five possible gestures of different speeds. The string pauses for an undetermined amount of time between gestures. A paper mache cone touches the string at one location serving as an amplifier. The sound generated by the cone can be heard by the audience and is also picked up by a microphone. A computer translates the sound of the cone into three objects: - the movement of a subwoofer which in turn plays a slidewhistle - the movement of a DC motor which, after winding a spring, eventually strikes a service bell - a single LED that gets brighter when more sound is detected

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