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Computer-control: boards for physical ins and outs


Two boards currently in development: PhIn6 and PhOut12

The PhIn6 is a shield for the Teensy microcontroller allows for a maximum of 6 MIDI foot pedal inputs (sustain or expression) and/or contact microphones. This hardware is MIDI-over-usb and automatically accessible in any software that recognized MIDI devices. It is available as a kit, but is also available fully assembles and coded for those who need immediate functionality. This is open source hardware and software so feel free to adapt and use for your own purposes. Here's the arduino library I've developed for it.

Download the Phin6 Arduino Library here.

The PhOut12 is a shield for the Teensy microcontroller that allows for a maximum of 12 DC outputs activated by MIDI signals via MIDI-over-usb from computer software (PD, Max/MSP, DAW's, etc.) The shield also has two analog/digital inputs accessible via 1/4" jacks making it ideal for MIDI foot switches and expression pedals. The outputs are beefy Mosfets that can handle up 30V. Two different DC inputs are available to power motors or solenoids of different power ratings.

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