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Compositions for fixed media

Le La en Le

written 2013
instrumentation: stereo fixed-media
awards received: First prize – Presque Rien Prize 2013

Le La en Le was created largely from selections of the Luc Ferrari Tape Archive made available from Association Presque Rien.

In addition to Luc Ferrari’s sounds, this work uses recordings made of vocalist Francine Romain during a three-week residency at La Muse en Circuit in 2007. The work I did in Paris during that visit has been immensely important to my development as a composer. This work is a tribute to my time there and Ferrari’s inspirational approach to sound and composition.

Luc Ferrari's music is refreshingly devoid of ego. There are few tricks. Often, he allows the sounds he finds to speak for themselves, naked and exposed. It's clear there is a loving hand behind the microphone but the listener's intended experience is not dictated. Instead, we float from one sound environment to another, at once trying and not trying to fit the sounds into an intelligible narrative.

performance history:

  • Dec 20, 2013 - Paris
  • Dec 15, 2013- French radio
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