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Compositions for composer as performer with live electronics

Trigger - Guitar

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written 2012
instrumentation: guitar and live electronics

(The score here is a basis for an improvisation for guitar and live electronics. This 8.5x11 score is for study purposes only. During performance the score scrolls along on a computer screen automatically switching presets in the accompanying Max/MSP patch.)

There are many approaches to writing pieces with live audio processing. One that has gained a lot of popularity is the "preset" model. In this approach the composer predefines settings for all the effects and tells the performer when to switch presets by means of a trigger or foot pedal.  In technically complicated pieces you might have a hundred or so presets for the performer to step through. Trigger goes way beyond that, changing presets on nearly every note - and there are a lot of them. The sonic result is faux virtuosity with the computer contributing more than the performer.

performance history:

  • Dec 10, 2012 - NYC
  • Nov 16, 2012 - Miami
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